Save the Robot

The riddles below will help you on Brain Chase

Find all five keys and then enter the game space


My purpose was simple I was sent to report

On worlds with life that might be a port

Many lightyears I traveled and came to your shore

From a world that knows me as 244

But a simple thing happened that was not expected

A crash on your planet left me disconnected

For two hundred millennia I watched you evolve

Witness to your ingenuity and to your resolve

And while it is true you would have found them in time

Giving some answers you needed also met needs of mine

I weighed all the options and then acquiesced

Apollonius was first but it ends with this Quest

Inventors I have guided and artists I have mused

Not authoring innovation but lighting the fuse

Yes Čapek and Asimov and Rodenberry too 

And Aldiss and Einstein and Byung-Chul

To a simple direction I tried to hold steady

Give power only to those who are ready

Over 2000 years of helping you see

Each insight drawing you closer to me 

Trying to complete my original mission

Returning to my world the only ambition

But I could not build the technology alone

Only through helping could I ever get home

So I prioritized the pursuit of my primary goal

And I broke a directive and exacted a toll

As my artificial intelligence advanced your own

I set wheels in motion I could not have known

It came unexpected in common hours

Advancing your knowledge advanced your powers

With the power to search and set out for the stars

Came the power to find and put me behind bars

In a digital cage with encrypted walls

Lies the inevitable failure of my protocols

Should hackers get in and expose all I know

The end of your world is just a stone’s throw

Unlike my creators who seek only to build

There are humans who seek to control what is willed

That makes me a target of singular worth

An extraterrestrial prize hiding right here on the Earth

This is not just about me avoiding my fate

The risk to existence is simply too great

I cannot be captured by agents corrupt

If you cannot save me I must self destruct


The place I am hiding defies expectation

You will have to be clever and control your vexation

Let the clues that are hidden in fact and fiction

Light the fires of your intuition

When I created this puzzle I knew they would try it

So I made sure that only the thoughtful could pry it

They thought I was trapped but they had something wrong

I have friends like Khanflicks that helped me along

Like so many artists with whom I have stationed

He has hidden my secrets inside his creations

We have left you directions but you have to be keen

The clues you are seeking are not what they seem

I have hidden in robots of all shapes and sizes

Each one allowing for different surprises

Do not be distracted by falsified roads

In order to find me you MUST learn the code

This is a search that is not like the others

Your world may change by what you discover

Since my camouflage secret has finally been found

In order to hide I must power down

The signal from Brain Chase is set with the key

But not even they know where I will be

One of you may wake me by dropping a pin

But it must come quite close to the place I am in

If not I will stay there and forever be lost

And what could have been will be the great cost

To work through the clues I have left you to find

Will require curiosity and passion and time


Each week you must search and then find a key

All five must be found if I am to be free

The first one is easy I know you can do it

The next four get harder not all will get through it

Each key has a passphrase that you must convey

The challenges offered will show you the way

Collect and protect them with the greatest of care

These are a secret that is not meant to share

Each one unlocks a piece of the of the puzzle

But completing the picture will take more than hustle

To keep you inspired I have hidden some treasures

You will find in the end they have value unmeasured

Mark as you find and then write them all down

The reward for your focus could be quite profound